e3value user manual, first release

Appendix C
The e3value Expression Language

E3value properties can be computed by expressions that refer to other properties in the same model. The language to do this consists of two parts, one to construct numerical expressions and one to construct navigation paths.

To do value flow analysis, the editor transforms the navigation path into an Excel cell reference and the resulting expression is evaluated in Excel. Hence, any Excel formula can be used as an e3value expression. See https://www.excelfunctions.net/excel-operators.html for an overview.

In this appendix we explain the syntax of the navigation language of e3value , using the diagram in figure C.1 as running example.

Figure C.1:A Railway company sells trips to Travelers.
 C.1 Object names and identifiers
 C.2 Properties
 C.3 Absolute navigation paths
 C.4 Relative navigation paths