e3value user manual, first release

C.2 Properties

Each model element has properties, some of which are defined in the ontology and some of which may be defined by the user. Each property has a name.

PropertyName ::= ’"’{String Char}{String Char}*’"’

A property can be referred to by its name, possibly prefixed with a uniquely idenfiying navigation expression that uses the unique object identifier or some navigation path.

<PropertyRef> ::=       e3 ’{’PropertyName’}’ |       e3 ’{’ ’#’ ObjectId ’.’ PropertyName ’}’ |       e3 ’{’ <RelativeNavigationPath> ’.’ PropertyName ’}’ |       e3 ’{’ <AbsoluteNavigationPath> ’.’ PropertyName ’}’ |       e3 ’{’ <AbsoluteNavigationPath> ’.’<RelativeNavigationPath> ’.’ PropertyName ’}’

Two simple references to a property of a market segment are

e3{Size} e3{#3.Size}

e3{Size} could be used in an expression to compute another property of the same market segment. e3{#3.Size} uniquely refers to the size of model element 3.

More complicated property references require a navigation path, explained below.