e3value user manual, first release

Chapter 8
Fraud Scenarios

This chapter describes the quantification capabilities of the e3tool . This has not yet been implemented in the e3web tool.

The market scenarios of a value model assume that all actors perform their transactions as specified. A fraud scenario is a market scenario in which some actors do not behave as agreed in a value model, for example by not paying or by engaging in a secret transaction. In this chapter we describe the structure of fraud scenarios and explain how they can be analyzed.

We use the the value model of figure 8.1 as example. We assume that User A has a flat rate subscription with Provider A and User B has a monthly subscription with Provider B. If User A calls User B, there will be an interconnection between the two providers.

Figure 8.1:A value model of telecom subscriptions. We assume that User B has a monthly subscription with Provider B.
 8.1 Representing fraud scenarios
 8.2 Analyzing fraud scenarios